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Wireless Stereo Headphones T450BT

Kód: 75
Značka: T450BT
650 Kč

T450BT Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones - Black

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Stereo T450BT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Flat-foldable on-Ear Headset with Mic Noise Canceling Earphone Call & Music Controls


Product name: T450BT
Gross weight: 500.00 g
Connection type: Bluetooth
Use: sports earphone
Wear mode: head wear

  • pure bass sound

  • Call and music controls on ear cup

  • Flat-foldable, lightweight and comfortable

  • Bluetooth 4.0


Pure Bass sound

For over 60 years, impressive sound found in big venues around the world. Punching out bass that's both deep and powerful.