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M200 Silent Multi-Mode Wireless Bluetooth 3.0/ 4.0/ wireless 2.4GHz Mouse

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165 Kč

Wireless mouse, ergonomic, receiving distance 10 meters, 1600 DPI, 3 buttons, symmetrical, M-size, 

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The next generation Sensor Optical Mouse is ideal for use on the go.  There are several reasons.  Thanks to its medium size it can be used even in a very limited space, eg on a table in a train.  Wireless technology then allows you to control your computer from a distance of up to 10 meters.  Communication takes place via the attached miniature 2.4GHz antenna, which, when plugged into the USB, rises just a few millimeters above the edge of the port itself.  This protects it from damage by careless handling of the computer.  Powered by two AAA AA batteries.


USB, Radio Frequency, Receiving Distance 10M
Symmetric, Ergonomic
    Professional Sensor
 1,600 DPI

Size and weight

 6 .5 cm
 10 .4 cm
 3 .0 cm

Buttons <br> wheel


Features and functions

Special functions and features
The next generation sensor
 No backlight

Mouse color

 Sky Blue

Power supply

 2 × AAA
Maximum reach
 10 m